About Us


It was only two Kuwaiti girls that started this.  Due to personal preference and a genuinely unique product, we managed to turn this into a potential business. We started using the product ourselves, and eventually people started asking what products we were using. With time, we managed to sell products to family and friends and slowly started introducing this product in the Kuwaiti market.

We are proud to say that since establishing Hakookah Tan, we have become the first local company that sells tanning oils in Kuwait. We are also very proud to state that our tanning products consist of natural ingredients and fresh oils.

One of the many asked questions we receive is why did we name it Hakookah? There is only one real answer. We wanted this product, this company and what we stand for to represent our beloved country. We wanted to showcase the potential its people had and the high quality products it can produce. We strive to help Kuwait establish its name worldwide.


At the moment, the following are what the HAKOOKA brand offers